Having a big or small project is still a responsibility that you need to finish and make sure that you will do your very best so that you can manage to finish this one on time and to avoid possible delays in the future which can ruin the relationship of you to your clients. Some might say that it is easy to make things better and to manage all the projects coming as long as you have the sense of leadership and management when it comes to digging into deeper details of the project and the steps on how you are going to make this one possible to your team and employees. That is the great thing about the cooling tower as they will make sure that you can get the job done on or before the due or deadline of the project and try to make sure that they will communicate with you about the progress of the things.  

As a leader or the head of the team, it is your main job to sort out the things and be able to handle the situation very well when it comes to knowing the goal of the project and you have the chance to outline the purpose and main goal of it sooner or later. If you are working in an office, then you could have a whiteboard where you can write things and the details of it, so that your employees and subordinate could see it clearly and be able to follow and be reminded of the instructions and the possible goal of the company or the team. Others would keep this one in their computer and try to send the word copy to the members or to their group chat so that everyone will be aware of the said thing.  

There are times that you are so confused of the details and all the things in your mind are already mixed up and it is hard for you to concentrate because of the piled things that you need to cover sooner or later after the end of the month. You have to start working one by one and avoid mixing the ideas and the work together as it will not help you to finish the task and it can just give you a hard time to focus about the aim of each task.  

You can discuss this one with your people and they will try to give their own suggestions about what you need to do and what are the things that they can do in order to move faster with the project. Of course, part of this one is the deadline and make sure that you are not giving too much pressure to your team members as they will have a hard time to handle things well especially that you don’t want to have a low-quality kind of result from them. It is nicer if you will be there with them all the time so that they could ask the suggestions and ideas immediately and you can approve it at once.