It is a fact that most of the things that we do and make can be found in the kitchen especially when it comes to the preparation of the food. It is important that we have some advance technology and appliances that could be a great help to us in preparing for the food and meal of the family members. You could have the microwave, the burner, the refrigerator where we usually keep the food that we have so that we could have a fresher meat the next few days. If ever that we experience problems, we usually call the réparation electromenager for the repair of the appliances instead of buying a new one which is more expensive to buy.  

Here are some of the techniques that you can use in your kitchen to help you with the cleaning of the appliances and other stuff for cooking the different meals.  

  1. It would be useful to use salt in cleaning the kitchen’s stuff: We all know that we use the salt to make our food and dishes tasty and sometimes eating too much salt could be not so healthy to us like chips. But with the help of the salt, it could make our job in the kitchen faster and don’t worry too much about the things like the burnt food and more. If you’re worried about the burnt food or dish on the pan, then all you have to do is to put some salt and some water and let it be. There is a property in the salt that it helps to loosen the burnt material from sticking to the pan.  
  1. It would be great to have a try of using the lemon as a cleaner: Others would love to make lemon juice as to relief themselves from the very hot weather condition that they feel during the summer season or when you plan to trip. But lemons could be a great help as well to the things that you are afraid to clean because you might damage them like the microwave oven in your kitchen. All you have to do is to cut the lemon into two and then put the one part inside the microwave and make sure it is on the plate. Make sure to have a bit of water and then turn the oven for one minute and then you can clean it with a piece of cloth.  
  1. It would be a good idea to give vinegar a try in cleaning there: If you are worried about the dirt inside the microwave, you may consider also cleaning the gas burner as they would look so messy and dirty after cooking. You can use vinegar to this by diluting some amount to the water and then wipe it to the surface of the stove or refrigerator.  
  1. It would be a nice want to make use of the soap and water in cleaning the dirt: This is applicable for the blender to remove the nasty smell and debris inside of it.